EXTRA CLEANING: Cleanliness guaranteed

EXTRA CLEANING - Cleanliness guaranteed. NONSTOP cleaning all over the EU. Cleaning in companies, offices, houses, flats, hotels, schools and nursery schools. We provide one-time and regular cleaning in companies and households. Machine and manual cleaning of halls, offices, shops and cars. We do the cleaning, tidying and washing 24 hours a day. We do the cleaning with no risk and with a guarantee. THE ORANGE ELEPHANT is a brand of quality.

The prices do not include VAT. For more information see the detailed price list.

• cleaning services of offices, companies, houses and flats
• washing of windows, blinds, doors and frames
• disposal of estate, doing the cleaning in cellars and lofts
• doing the cleaning in production halls, shops, machine cleaning
• professional approach and equipment
• doing the cleaning after rooms decorating and building work
• one-time and regular cleaning
• cleaning of cars, carpets and sofas
• NON-STOP cleaning all over the Czech Republic
• insurance in the amount of CZK 1,000,000
• security clearances
• ecological waste disposal
• comprehensive services of moving house and clearing out
• comprehensive Hourly Husband services
• cleaning only with certified detergents
• cleaning with no risk and with a guarantee

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